2018 ︎ Digital media ︎
A girl believes her hymen is lost. She writes: Dear sheikh. May I repair it? Dear doctor. Please repair it.

A herbalist provides photos of girls in his office, carrying a celebratory cake and a virginity certificate. “Here’s your proof.”

“Buy 5 for the price of 10!” the temporary fake hymens and blood capsules from China advertise.

A female Egyptian sorcerer talks to the girls on her online forum: “Your body is yours.
I am sorry for society’s unfair judgement and punishments set on you.”

“Permanency is our guarantee!”, boasts the plastic surgeon.

“If a hymen breaks, and no one hears it” is a research project that focuses on hymen repair remedies offered to women in the MENA region. It documents conversations with muftis, herbalist sheikhs, doctors, and occultists, who offer solutions promising full restoration.